The Beginning- How “Voices” are given Hope

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April 7, 2013 Theo Dobie & Rachael Tengbom The idea started with a few scribbled lines on a scrap of paper: “Use this to give the girls their voices back”. Attached to the note was a thirty-five dollar check. The Maasai of Kenya Rachael Tengbom, the Executive Director for Voices of Hope-Africa, is a Maasai […]

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Recognizing the Power of International Women’s Day

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Voices of Hope Africa Recognizes the Power of  International Women’s Day  And concedes that we have a long way to go… Voices of Hope Africa Team International Women’s Day has a remarkable history. Used as rallying point for the women’s labor and suffrage movement in North America and Europe, its beginnings can be traced back to […]

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Voices of Hope Students Provide Sanitary Napkins to Young Girls

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The young women participating in the VOH Program undergo training in personal and leadership development.  The expectation and goal of “Voices of Hope” is…that all of our students become positive role models and change agents within their community. Once they have obtained their education and are professionally employed, they will also be included as mentors […]

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Welcome to Voices of Hope Blog

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Welcome to the Voices of Hope Blog.

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