Sponsor A Student

$1,200 per year or ($100 per month), will provide a young woman between the ages of 18-24 with safe housing, as well as one year of tuition and fees in an educational program of her choice. Two years of sponsorship will (in most cases) provide enough funding for the student to complete her studies.

Give to the general Scholarship Fund

Shared Sponsorships of any dollar amount are also welcomed & can be combined with other donors to make a full yearly Scholarship. You can identify personal friends to share a Sponsorship with or “Voices of Hope” can combine your Sponsorship with other individuals who wish to do the same.

Contribute to the Leadership Training Fund

In addition to obtaining education that leads to gainful employment , the young women in the Voices of Hope Program are also being empowered to become change agents and positive leaders in their community by lighting a candle in the darkness for other young women in their tribe.

All of the young women participating in the VOH Program undergo training in leadership development, health issues, HIV/Aids, community development, micro- entrepreneurship, and personal development for the period of time they are in school. Once they have gone through leadership training, obtained their education and become gainfully  employed, they will be included as mentors and facilitators in future trainings for other young women in the program, creating a cycle of giving back to their communities.

Donate to the general support fund

Not everyone is able to make a long-term commitment to sponsor a student, and we understand that.  A donation to the General Support Fund, however, provides the much needed resources that allow Voices of Hope the flexibility to respond quickly to ongoing expenses and unexpected needs such as printing/mailing of newsletters, office supplies, additional school supplies, student bus tansportation, internship fees and personal hygiene items. Please consider making a donation to the General Scholarship Fund.

Help to build the VOH Safehome/Learning Center

Voices of Hope is fortunate to own six acres of land that were donated to our cause with the expectation that we will build a safe house on the property that will house at least 40 young women who are in need of safety and education.  Our financial challenge is to raise funds to provide a place of refuge for these young women in need of safety from female genital mutilation and forced marriages.  Education and employment are the key to empowerment. Once these young women have a means to support themselves and to assist their families financially they have a new found “voice” in establishing choices for their future.

Donate to the upkeep of the VOH borehole and garden

Finding and collecting water has been a major problem in the Kajiado district, especially during ongoing draught. A Maasai woman may walk five, ten or even twenty miles a day (up to 10 hours) to collect and carry water on her back for her family. Thanks to donations from concerned individuals, Voices of Hope was able to drill a borehole and erect a holding tank on the VOH property.  This borehole now provides fresh water to 350 families in the nearby villages and sustains a small vegetable garden.

Due to the extreme temperatures and weather conditions however,  borehole maintenance and generator break downs are common. Funds donated to the borehole and garden would help with the maintenance costs, diesel for the generator and the installation of an irrigation system in order to expand the garden.

Host a Voices of Hope Gathering in your home or with your church, club etc.

Rachael Tengbom (Founder of Voices of Hope) is available to speak to churches, clubs, organizations, and even small groups in personal homes about her Maasai culture and rituals, including the plight of girls and young women who are forced to undergo female circumcision and married off at a very young age  in trade for cattle. African items including: drums, sculptures, jewelry, scarves, bags,  baskets, and other artwork are also available by donation.  All proceeds go directly to support the project.

Offer your services and help to promote our cause:

(10Ways to Make a Difference!)

There are many ways that you may assist our cause.  Please consider some of the following:

1.) Host an event where Rachael Tengbom (Founder of Voices of Hope) is invited to speak.

2.) Host a fund raising event for Voices of Hope. (Car wash, yard sale, dinner, marathon, bake sale, use your imagination.)

3) Share the Voices of Hope website and Face book Page with friends and family.

4.) Ask your employer to match a donation you make to Voices of Hope.

5.) Offer to print the Voices of Hope newsletter and brochure.

6.) Ask your friends and family to make a donation to Voices of Hope in lieu of gifts to you.

7.)  Instead of gifts to friends/family for holidays, birthdays, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs- make a donation to VOH in their name.

8.) Tell someone influential/philanthropic about Voices of Hope.  Do you or someone you know serve on the board of a charitable organization that would entertain a funding request for this cause?

8.) Organize a group of friends or coworkers to share a sponsorship of a student’s education.

9.) If you have successful grant writing experience offer to share your skills with Voices of Hope.

10.) Organize a fund raising campaign by making a financial commitment to Voices of Hope and asking your friends to do the same.